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Here at Fiber Optic Systems Inc., we create the worlds brightest animated fiber optic effects by employing three distinct techniques.

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1. We maximize both the viewing distance and the angle of viewing by using larger diameter fibers than our competition. The larger the diameter of the fiber, the more light transmitted and the greater the surface area lit. The result is increased viewing distance and a 180 degree field of viewing. 

angle of view diagram
This diagram shows the maximum viewing angle of.75mm, 1.0mm 1.5 mm

2. We use metal halide lamps whenever possible. MR16 halogen lamps, which operate at extremely high temperatures, have 1/3 the life span of the metal halide. The metal halide lamp is also substantially brighter than halogens, fluorescence, and most other lamps.
If a cooling fan fails in a unit that uses a halogen lamp, fiber and/or fire damage will occur and sign failure will most likely result. With a cooler operating metal halide lamp, no damage will occur.

Frame Style Illuminator

This is a custom designed
Metal Halide illuminator.

A  single lamp will provide light for up to 4,000 1.5 mm optic light guides.

It would take up to 10 MR 16 lamps to light the same numbers of fibers.

Our animation is exceptionally dynamic because we employ a matrix of holes for each fiber at the light source. Each fiber has its own specific hole in the matrix which allows us to achieve the most precise animation possible.
This MPEG MOVIE demonstrates the animation Quality that results from Matrix Organization.

Marcolin Eye Wear - MPEG MOVIE

Unlike our competition, we do not bundle our fibers with adhesives at the light source; a bleeding effect occurs which washes out the color and takes the crispness out of the animation. Halogen lamps for example, are so hot, that dichroic glass color filters have to be used. The color selection is very limited in these filters. By using metal halide lamps, which are cooler, we are able to reduce these color limitations by using plastic theatrical gel. These gels come in over 100 shades of color and each can be mixed to create any color desired.
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