Fiber Optic Systems Inc

Fiber Optic Systems Inc. is dedicated solely to providing the highest quality service and product to its customers. We have specialized in the design and manufacture of fiber optic displays, interactive exhibits, signage, lighting and special effects since 1970.

We provide the brightest and most colorful precision animation available by utilizing three distinctive solutions. The Metal Halide lamps that we utilize for brightness have an average life of 6 - 10,000 hours. We employ larger diameter fibers for greater distance and 180 side-angle view. Finally our proprietary fiber matrixing methods help us achieve the exceptional animation that we are known for.

Our approach and high quality work is unique to our industry. Our award winning design team will work carefully with you to create your own unique fiber optic product.

Quotations are put together within hours of receiving your project information.
All Fiber Optic Systems Products except lamps carry a 1 year warranty. Call for details.

Our mission is to service all customers with a 100% on time performance, a record that we have now held for thirty years.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to quote on any project no matter how large
or small.

Fiber Optic Systems Inc.
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