Fiber Optic Systems Inc
How We Work With Our Clients

We will work in whatever way our clients are most
comfortable, the following four ways are most common.

1. Produce turnkey projects.

2. Design and install fiber optic equipment in
panels or enclosures supplied by others or the client.

3. We will create and ship a fiber optic kit that contains fiber layouts,
custom control equipment (illuminator) the
necessary tools and supplies along with installation instructions.

4. Supply of off the shelf materials.

How We Design for Our Clients

1. If at all possible we would be happy to demonstrate our equipment
to you at your request.

2. If we are unable to meet with you we may be able to loan a
demonstration unit to you for a short period of time.
This can occur provided you assume full financial responsibility
for the equipment loaned out in the event that it is
lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not returned
Payment Options

1. All work requires a 50% deposit.

2. Approved clients can pay balance up to 30 days after shipment
without an interest penalty.

3. All others pay balance before shipping or C.O.D.

4. Sales of off the shelf materials require payment on
order placement or C.O.D.




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