Authorized Dealer Program

As a participating Authorized Dealer Program (ADP) member, you will be eligible
for special discounts and offers designed to help you become more profitable as your sales in FOSI Star Ceilings increases. 

You can move up the ranks from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond,
and Double-Diamond Levels.

EXCLUSIVE Discounts & Special Offers for ADP Members Only:

 + Special Discounts based on Sales Performance
 + Top Priority Sales Assistance
 + Installation Referrals for Direct Retail Customers
 + Opportunities for Promotion of Your Company
 + Awards & Certificates of Achievement

FREE Exposure for Your Company on Our Website and/or Newsletter:

 + Opportunities to Submit Case Studies
 + Highlight Your Unique Project Ability
 + Exposure for Your Company on Our Website
 + Exposure to Thousands in Our Newsletter

* The realization of these benefits depends on the level of participation of each individual member.

The more you put into the program in terms of FOSI Star Ceiling sales,
the more you get out of the program in terms of special discounts and offers


Fiber Optic Bar Top
Fiber Optics Under Lacquer Bar-Top
Gives the Illusion of Water Flowing Under Ice
Online Inquiry for Membership in the Authorized Dealer Program
Please fill out the ADP Inquiry Form below to receive more details and an application for Membership in the Authorized Dealer Program.  If you would like to discuss the program with us instead of filling out the ADP Inquiry Form below, by all means, call us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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TOLL FREE: 800-809-3674
PHONE: 908-534-5500
FAX: 908-534-5500
E-MAIL: starceilings@fosi.com

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