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Whether or not you have experience installing a star ceiling, we're here to help. In fact, we thrive on helping your star ceiling installation experience be the best that it can be so that you'll say, "What a beautiful job! I can't wait to do another one!"

Below is a list of questions that we often hear or perhaps should hear more often. We hope this helps you tremendously, but please call us if you're left feeling anything less than absolutely thrilled and anxious to get started.



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1. What types of Star Ceiling Systems does FOSI offer?
A1. FOSI Star Ceilings offers 3 star ceiling systems: 
a) The FOSI Star Ceiling Kit
b) The FOSI Star Ceiling Suspended Ceiling System
c) The FOSI Star Ceiling Large Panel System
We can create all types of Star Ceilings for all types of applications: residential rooms,
theme restaurants, and custom home theaters, to name a few.  Our most popular type
is the easy to install 'MDF Star Ceiling & Sky Mural Panel System'.  In addition to being
easy to assemble, because of its preinstalled fibers, the Panel System also adapts
easily to a variety of installation requirements and existing construction materials.
Q2. What is a FOSI Star Ceiling Kit?

A2.  A FOSI Star Ceiling Kit consists of:
a) A full size drilling template for the size of your star field
b) The amount of fiber needed to be installed in the star ceiling
c) A FOSI HID or LED illuminator
d) Drill bits
e) FOSI variac cutting tool (which may be returned for a full refund)
f) Complete installation manual.

Q3. What is a FOSI Star Ceiling Suspended Ceiling System?

A3. A  FOSI Star Ceiling Suspended Ceiling System consists of:
a) The proper amount of square (2’ x 2’ x ¼”) or rectangle (2’ x 4’ x ¼”) PVC panels
with holes drilled in the panels and fibers installed in the panels
b) The amount of fiber needed to be installed in the star ceiling
c) A  FOSI HID or LED illuminator
d) FOSI variac cutting tool (which may be returned for a full refund)
e) Complete installation manual

Suspended Ceiling systems are used most often in commercial projects or
basements where easy access to electrical and HVAC systems may be necessary.

A Fiber Optic Star Ceiling can be incorporated into a drop ceiling system quite easily.
You can use standard acoustic panels either in their standard white color or paint
them a color of your choosing as long as the panels are made of a rigid material. FOSI
has found that (2’ x 2’ x ¼”) or (2’ x 4’ x ¼”) PVC panels, which come in a variety of
colors, make fiber installation the easiest.  Even with a drop ceiling system you can
still include animated shooting stars and comets in your star field design.

Remember to NEVER use glue on the fibers.  Most glue will make the fibers brittle
after several years and cause them to break.

Q4. What is a FOSI Star Ceiling Large Panel System?
A4. A  FOSI  Star Ceiling Large Panel System Consists of:
a) Large light weight MDF panels – (4’ x 8’), (5’ x 8’), (4’ x 10’), or (5’ x 10’ )
cut to size and either painted or laminated with fabric
b) The panels have the holes drilled and fibers installed
c) The other fiber ends are also installed in aluminum plates
that attach to the illuminator
d) A  FOSI HID or LED illuminator
e) Complete installation manual

Any size ceiling can be fabricated from panel sheets.  We use the popular light-
weight MDF panel for this kind of installation.  The image below shows three 4'x8'
panels configured to make up a 8' x 12' ceiling. 

The image surface of the panels
are sanded, primed, sanded again then finished in either a color or a fabric material. 
We recommend a deep sky blue for a star ceiling, but any color will work well. 
The darker the color the more effective the star field effect. 
The carpet like fabric that can be used comes in a variety of colors,
but either a dark blue or black works the best.
All painted panels can have hand painted clouds added.  Fabric panels cannot.

The edges of the MDF panels are expertly milled for a tight fit.  The panels are then

slotted along the edge and biscuits are fitted into the slots of a panel.  When the
panels are fitted together the biscuits keep the panels even along the surface.  The
seam between the panels is very tight and not annoyingly visible.
An alternative to painted panels is fabric laminated to the panels. This makes the
seams almost unnoticeable and helps with  acoustic reflection.
Q5. What are the capabilities of a FOSI Star Ceiling Illuminator?

A5. One  FOSI illuminator is capable of:
a) Lighting over 500 Milky Way stars dimmed way down and static
b) Lighting over 300 Constellation stars at 3 different intensities
each with a twinkling effect
c) Animating up to 4 shooting stars
d) Animating up to 2 Comets
e) Lighting over 1000 constellation outline fibers in blue (or other color of your choice)

One FOSI illuminator is also capable of:

a) Animating up to 5 fireworks explosions with 1500 fibers with one lamp.
b) Animating up to 10 fireworks explosions with 3000 fibers and two lamps.

Q6. What are the size and shape limitations of a FOSI Star Ceiling?

A6. There are no size or shape limitations on FOSI Star Ceilings.
However, domes are not suggested as the curve of the dome is accentuated by the
star field and shooting stars tend to look more like missiles arcing up and coming
back down on the other side of the dome.

Q7. What is a hand-painted sky mural?

A7. A Hand-Painted Sky Mural is a beautiful painting of puffy white clouds in a brilliant
blue sky, or on a midnight blue sky with the effect of the clouds lit by the moon
above, on the light-weight MDF panels.  Our artist is very accomplished and some
of his paintings are on exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.
A sky mural is a perfect choice for a multi-purpose room that will be seen in daylight.

Q8. What are the customizable options and features of a FOSI Star Ceiling?

A8.  In short, everything!  First, there are no size or shape limitations (see Question 6). 
Beyond that, the list of customizable features includes Hand-Painted Clouds (see
Question 7), Comets, Shooting Stars, Constellation Stars, Constellation Outlines,
Fireworks with Sound Effects, and even the star field map itself. By customizable,
we mean that the star field can be any location in the heavens to various scales
(scale can be optimized for ceiling height); the fireworks can be various sizes,
colors, bursts, and locations; the Constellation Outlines can be any color and
shape (got a favorite date? initials? sports jersey number?); the Constellation
Stars twinkle randomly; Shooting Stars are wall-to-wall in any direction or
location; and Comets can be located anywhere on the ceiling.  If you have any
other ideas, we'll be glad to discuss them.  The sky really is the limit!

A9. The 'Authorized Dealer Program' permits us to provide exclusive benefits to our best
partners in the sales and installation of FOSI Star Ceilings. To learn more about the
Authorized Dealer Program and/or to apply, please click here.

Q10. How do I learn more?

A10. Call us at (908) 534-5500 or toll-free at (800) 809-3674 for quick response,
Email us at starceilings@fosi.com
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