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We at FOSI Star Ceilings would love to highlight our work better via the web, but photos and videos always seem to fall short of
capturing the awesome experience of witnessing our creations in person.  Please use a little imagination when viewing these pics
and clips because there is much more to them than what even the best computer screen can display. In real life, our ceilings would
floor you! 
Enjoy our photos & videos, then call us!

CEDIA 2010 Expo Videos

Fiber Optic Fireworks in a FOSI Star Ceiling

Constellation Outlines in a FOSI Star Ceiling

CEDIA 2010 Expo Photos
Here are various photos taken of our display at the CEDIA 2010 Expo.  Attendees were mesmerized!
Project Pictures
This gallery contains various project pictures of FOSI Star Ceilings and other creations from FOSI
What is a FOSI Star Ceiling? Who is Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.?

Watch this video for an overview of FOSI Star Ceilings and
Fiber Optic Systems, Inc.

Home theaters have become more sophisticated and more
creative in design. We have addressed both challenges in
ways that are attractive to any home theater customer.

Browse this website to get an understanding of where we've
come from, how we make star ceilings easy and realistic, and
then call us to discover how we can help your home theater
become even more innovative and exciting than ever.

After all, the sky's the limit!

      Weekend Makeover on TV!
This video is a segment of a TV show called Weekend Makeover. 
FOSI was featured in this segment . The video shows the
installation of an MDF panel system.

The fibers were pre-installed in the panels at FOSI and the ready
panels were shipped to the installation site.  The homeowner
featured on the show installed the panels and then installed the
fibers in the illuminator.
In newer versions of the panel system, the fibers are
pre-attached to aluminum plates which are then fastened
onto the illuminator.

In this video the panels were screwed to an existing ceiling. 
FOSI now utilizes a unique Z-Bar hanging system that makes
installation even easier!

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