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Fiber Optic Systems Inc is the industry leader in every Fiber Optic Star Ceiling application you can think of.  As home theater designers, architects, and interior designers look for ways to enhance new and exciting room designs, FOSI is ready with "state of the art" fiber optic star ceiling and special effect components. 

If you are designing a home theater, a FOSI star ceiling can add an exciting dimension to the home theater experience.  With the FOSI "Matrix Based" fiber optic illumination system, a beautiful star ceiling can be installed in any room, by anyone.  There is no simpler system on the market.  We guarantee that anyone, regardless of experience, can install their own FOSI Star Ceiling!

Home Theater
You are looking at a realistic star ceiling that was installed using a FOSI Star Ceiling Kit. The 6' x 16' star field included the Milky Way, Constellations, two Shooting Stars and a Comet. All this was done with just one ultra quiet FOSI Fiber Optic Illuminator!

Our star ceiling designs are based on a September night sky as seen from North America.  We include the Milky Way, Constellations, and can offer animated Shooting Stars and comets with an animated tail.  Even astrological images can be incorporated in the Constellation design.

Unlike other so-called star ceiling kits, all these beautiful effects can be accomplished with just one FOSI Star Ceiling Illuminator!  Any size or shape ceiling can accommodate a FOSI Star Ceiling.  From 8' diameter or less, to a ceiling covering thousands of square feet, FOSI Star Ceilings can design a star ceiling kit for you.  We do it all to make your installation easy & cost effective.

Northern Lights Casino

The image to the left is a 50-foot diameter star ceiling over a casino floor.
Along with computer controlled accent lighting, this ceiling simulates
the night sky with the Northern Lights appearing and disappearing as
part of the design.

Only two FOSI Illuminators make this ceiling a reality.

During the day, the fiber optic star field will be quite visibly effective. The image to the right shows the star field effect during daylight hours in a room with moderate ambient light. The shade and intensity of the background color will enhance the fiber optic effects

Fiber Optic Sky Mural
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