Halo Letter Signs
Fiber Optic Systems has developed a very effective and elegant style of signage that
 is  just right for a corporate lobby or trade show booth. 
We call this the FOSI Halo Sign.

The FOSI halo sign allows for all the animation that is possible with fiber optic technology, but with a more elegant look. 


The FOSI Halo Method

The FOSI halo sign is a simple design that reflects the light emitting from the ends of properly aligned fibers off the back of specially prepared three dimensional letters or shapes.  The fibers are installed into a panel and the letters or shapes are mounted in front of the fibers with a small space between the back of the letter and the panel surface.  The light emitting from the fiber reflects off the letter onto the panel surface. 

Halo Letter Example
Komline Sanderson Halo Sign 1
A beautiful halo effect using aluminum letters and logo shape, designed to the clients specifications.
Konline Sanderson Halo Sign 2 Komline Sanderson Halo Sign 3
Colorful animation brings the sign to life and attracts attention from any distance.
Komline Sanderson Logo Close-Up
Along with using halo effects to highlight the outside edges of a letter or shape, "knocked-out" portions or a logo or letter can be made to glow brightly. 

A wide variety of letter or shape sizes can be accented with fiber optic halo lighting. 
From small 3' high letters up to any size.

Click on this YouTube link to see the animation possibilities possible with a
FOSI Halo Sign

For more information on Fiber Optic Halo Applications
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