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Sterling Forest Hiking Trail Exhibit

Sterling Forest Exhibit Image 1
This 8' x 16' fiber optic/topographic map designed by FOSI for the
Sterling Forest State Park in New York
It is a perfectly accurate model of the Park Terrain
showing wooded areas, lakes and streams,
and important man made elements.

Fiber optic Light guides are used to show 51 Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing, and Horse trails  that exist in the park.  Push buttons activate the Fiber Optic circuits, showing the visitor where a trail is located and what color Trail Blaze is used on a particular trail. The 24 light boxes in this project are always lit with photographs of the park with copy superimposed on the photographs.

Sterling Forest Image 2
Fabricated from Fiberglass, the topographic model depicts the varied forest components, such as Soft and Hardwood Forest areas, and Lakes and Swamps.  This type of model is built for years of use and can withstand the most demanding of museum environments.
Multi colored Fiber Optic Light Guides accurately depict the Hiking Trails and can be viewed from any position around the exhibit structure.
Sterling Forest Image 3

Sterling Forest image 4
A single Loop Trail is depicted here showing all the trail segments with colors that match the Blaze colors that a Hiker will find on the actual trail.
Varied natural terrain components are depicted with fine detail and accuracy.  Paint colors effectively show the difference between Hardwood and Softwood Forests. Open fields and swampy areas are easily noted when looking at the model.  Areas beyond the park boundaries are plainly shown.

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