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Working as a main contractor or sub-contractor to the exhibit house of your choice, Fiber Optic Systems Inc. can make your trade show ideas come to life.  Cutting through trade show "static" is the key.  The intense light available in a fiber optic display can get the attention of show attendees from hundreds of feet away.  If its an exhibit that tells your company story, or explains your product, fiber optics is the way to go.  Have your trade show designer contact us to found out if a fiber optic display is right for you.


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Fiber Optic Tradeshow Exhibits

Comsat Image

This sign spells out the name of each company division as it animates

Inspiration Network Image
Inspiration Cable Network

By using large diameter fiber, this sign attracts attention from the other side of the show facility.

Telstra Image
Telstra Global Network

This interactive exhibit describes the global versatility of the Telstra fiber optic communications network.


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