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Topographic Models and Maps
A common tool of architects, the topographic model has come a long way in terms of accuracy and fabrication.  Modern computer mapping techniques and satellite imaging have made it possible for today's exhibit designer to portray a geographical area in detail with realistic touches only dreamed of in the past.

Fiber Optic Systems has combined topographic maps and models with fiber optic technology to bring a new and exciting dimension to displays and exhibits.  Our Model builders can fabricate any type of model to stringent specifications, with spectacular results.  On this page you will see examples of a variety of modeling techniques.  If a topographic model is in your exhibit design, let FOSI be your guide.

Topgraphic landscape
Models designed by FOSI are required to meet very demanding specifications.  They are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of the museum environment, and last for years. 

Built from a combination of hard closed cell foam and fiber glass, a FOSI designed model can take the abuse that hundreds of thousands of little fingers can inflict over the life of an exhibit.

A FOSI designed Topographic map can be incorporated into practically any type of exhibit enclosure. When combined with Fiber Optic effects the results are amazing!

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Sterling Forest Hiking Trail Exhibit

Sterling Forest Image
Terrain Close Up Beautiful details can be achieved by the use of texturing, painting, and sculpting of the model surface. Difference in foliage can be readily observed by the visitor. Terrain scale can be exaggerated to emphasize the differences in elevation.
When the Topographic model is combined with fiber optic magic by FOSI, the story your are trying to tell comes to life for the visitor.  Battlefield exhibits can effectively show troop movements, explosions, and gunfire.  When combined with an audio narration the visitor will have a greater understanding of the historical significance of the event portrayed.
Battle Map Image
US Image Rocky Mountains

General Details such as watersheds, deserts, mountains, are enhanced by a topographic model.  Remember FOSI is the leader in combining fiber optic exhibit techniques with state of the art model fabrication.  Call FOSI today!


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